We love horror movies!  And we love beer!  So why not share our passion of both things with you?

Every episode we will pair one of our favorite horror films with a craft beer, cider, mead, what have you, from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  We will wander the bottleshops, breweries and do all the tasting required so you don’t have to!  This is a burden we willing to bear…we’re just that kind of people.  Join us as we review the films, brews and breweries honestly…and (for the most part) spoiler free. We would prefer you get a taste for the film and brews we discuss but still leave you something to discover yourself…even if not for the first time.

After all, “Fear is better with beer”!

Your hosts:

Aaron Hatfield – Aaron’s been writing horror film reviews for online sites since 2002 and has nearly 1500 horror films in his personal collection.  Our recording is done in Aaron’s “Dead Room”…a man-cave, err, man-crypt filled with thousands of pieces of horror and Halloween memorabilia and collectibles.  Aaron has also visited nearly 200 breweries in 5 States in his quest to destroy his liver.

Grace Schrick – Grace is our brew-guru.  When she isn’t stocking the shelves of her own beer and wine department, she is home-brewing her own batches, judging beers to earn BJCP points and pouring pints at a local taphouse.  Grace is no stranger to horror and loves Freddy Krueger more than anyone probably should.

Lee Despain – Lee is here to show us youngin’s how it was with both beer and horror “back in the day”.  While we play up his elder status, it is simply fact that Lee was homebrewing two decades ago and has been a lifelong fan of the craft.  Lee’s long history as an artist and creative explorationist has also given him a strong foundation in scifi and horror films.