Episode 48 – Halloween Party Episode!

What a year of disappointing, frustrating, surprising and terrifying moments it has been! Pandemic, wildfires, political unrest and more have threatened to shut down Halloween. And now, as it winds every closer to our favorite holiday, we want to remind you that no matter how much things have changed…”The Party Ain’t Over!” To kick off our celebration, we each chose a favorite horror flick that features a party!

As we all share some amazing Hazy IPA from Springdale Beer Company, we go for a world record for how many times the word “trope” can be used, discuss the proper way to address the Wizard of Oz, compare the kill counts in our films, size up the killers from each movie, and discuss briefly the logistics of firing candy at children from a cannon.

So grab a pumpkin spice porter, light the jack-o-lantern and join us as we get our Halloween on!

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