Episode 35 – Candyman

Over 25 years ago a horror film came along and threatened to divide critics and audiences alike. This film took risks in its setting, its handling of racial stereotypes and in plying a familiar trope that may be tired and lackluster. But sometimes risks pay off; as they did for Candyman, an Americanized take on Clive Barker’s short story “The Forbidden”.

We revisit this classic film in the wake of announcements of an upcoming Jordan Peele re-imagining, and can’t help but wonder why it took us so long to find our way back to it! We paired this film with an awesome Melvin Brewing beer, and managed to snag the Oregon Beer Rep for Melvin to sit in with us! (Spoiler alert: It’s our very own Grace! Congrats on the new gig Beer Gremlin!)

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