Episode 26 – Holiday Special 2018

We went all “Secret Santa” on each other this Holiday Season and decided to gift one another with a horror movie to watch and review live on the episode! Some of us chose to be naughty and some nice, and the gifting was random…with a surprise beer pairing gifted live while recording. Three movies…three beers; there is a lot going on in this one!

We also find time to discuss meeting Troma Studios head Lloyd Kaufman and special make-up effects master Rick Baker as well as a ton of other great stuff we’ve each been up to. Grace decides that if it was made for SciFi Channel it was made for her and delights with her impression of a movie bimbo. Aaron gets way to excited about bears mauling children and envisions Grace’s alternative history as a Madame. Lee finds a way to review all sorts of films while only discussing one, and giving an incredible variety of beers while only gifting one.

Thank you all for listening this year and making us a part of your Holiday Season! We are looking forward to bringing you a new year of episodes, and can’t thank all of you enough for supporting us.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, God Jul, Happy Festivus…and a very Happy New Year to all.

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