Eppisode 20 – Midnight Meat Train

Midnight Meat Train was never given a fair shake by it’s studio…in fact it was sabotaged fairly successfully.  Despite this, it has gone on to be a fan favorite and a pretty damn good representation of Clive Barker’s story of the same name.  In fact, Clive himself says it is one of the most faithful translations of his words to screen.  That is some big praise!  Despite all of that we somehow still manage to get distracted talking about Grace’s new brewing experience, Jody Foster’s knuckles, our thoughts on CG blood/gore effects (yes again!), remembering another Clive film Underworld completely wrong, and that time Aaron donated 900+ movies to Goodwill.  Guess it was just hard to stay “on track”, hahahaha…heh…yeah.  One thing we managed to stay focused on was some serious love for Three Weavers Southbounder Coffee Stout.  So hit your bottle shop, pop in a disc and give a listen to Episode 20!




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