Episode 10 – The Shallows

Shake off the chill of Winter by taking a trip to the tropics with us!  In this episode Grace’s movie pick makes us all uncomfortable by delving into the depths of the sea to face one of the planet’s oldest and most fearsome predators.  Along the way we discuss shark films scarier than Jaws, learn that one of us just had a birthday, wonder why we can’t seem to record a plaguecast…err podcast…without someone being sick, hear terrifying tales of being nibbled, and lose ourselves for a short while in a bottle of Ardbeg Single Malt Whiskey!  Our film is paired with an amazing beer from Structures Brewing in Bellingham, WA…Isolation Brett Saison.  We also cover some good stuff from Port Brewing, Ballast Point and Reuben’s Brews, and shout outs are given to the awesome Cascadian Beer Podcast and the fantastic guys at Forever Midnight.  Episode 10 is packed with goodies, so grab your wetsuit and dive in!




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