Episode 9 – Holiday Season Special

‘Tis the Season for a ridiculous, alcohol fueled episode celebrating all the horror flicks and seasonal brews that we want to find under our tree each year!  This episode we learn that starting with the 13% ABV beers in a podcast featuring more than a dozen is a sure fire way to talk over each other and get a little rowdy.  Our Holiday hayride takes us to such stops as why we don’t like most horror television, why onion rings are JUST like a T-Bone steak, how Dread, Fright & Brew has evolved from a podcast to a plaguecast, just why Aaron says “I’d eat the shit outta that” so much, why Juan and Grace seem to think that Oregon is a State worthy of having a taco war, and how Lee finally found an IPA to be thankful for.  We get loud, long-winded and a little sauced in this special, but each manage to cover our top three Holiday Horrors as well as our favorite Holiday specific and Winter seasonal beers.  Come all ye faithful and give a listen!




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